CHEO Introduces New Approach to Nursing

CHEO’s nursing team is made up of outstanding and dedicated professionals who are passionate about their work. Banking on that dedication, CHEO implemented, in June of last year, the hospital’s new Nursing Professional Practice Model. The model is based on The Ottawa Hospital's Model of Clinical Nursing Practice and is founded on a series of guiding principles and tools that optimizes the way nurses care for their patients. The model was first introduced in CHEO’s neonatal intensive care unit, followed by the pediatric intensive care unit. Plans are underway to introduce the new model on various hospital units throughout the year.

The model puts greater emphasis on managerial support and the hospital’s culture and structure. It provides CHEO nurses with direction on how to organize bedside care while ensuring professional autonomy and accountability. This model will promote continuity of care by limiting the number of nurses assigned to an individual patient on a daily basis and by assigning patients with the most appropriate health care provider for that patient and their family.