Our Commitment to Quality

In April 2011, in accordance with the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), CHEO released its Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for the fiscal year. The QIP outlines the hospital’s priorities for quality improvement and articulates the strategy for implementation.

Hospitals set their own targets and provide a rationale for each. Targets in CHEO’s plan include patient satisfaction, hand hygiene compliance, and Emergency Department wait times. Some of CHEO’s key objectives included:

Safety: One of CHEO’s objectives was to reach a minimum 80 percent compliance and stay in the top 25th percentile of provincial hospitals with regards to hand hygiene.

Access: One of CHEO’s top priorities was reducing Emergency Department wait times. The hospital aimed to remain in the 90th percentile or better, allocating resources and space to care for its large volume of patients efficiently and effectively.

Patient-centred: CHEO aimed to improve its patient satisfaction, especially in the Emergency Department. According to surveys, 91.2 percent of inpatients would recommend CHEO to others but only 68.3 percent of ED visitors would. CHEO planned to raise that percentage to at least 75 percent, with the reduction of wait times in the ED playing an important role in meeting that goal.

CHEO’s QIP serves as a tool for the hospital to communicate its commitment and accountability to the community. CHEO remains focused on creating a positive patient experience and delivering high-quality pediatric healthcare.

CHEO Recognized for Leading Practices

In early February CHEO was recognized by Accreditation Canada for demonstrating exceptional leadership and high quality service delivery.

According to Accreditation Canada, a leading practice is a noteworthy practice carried out by a health service organization. This practice must demonstrate innovation and creativity, as well as have a positive impact on services or outcomes for clients and their families.

In order for a practice to be approved as a leading practice it must be:

  • Linked to Accreditation standards
  • Sustainable
  • Creative and innovative
  • Client/family centered
  • Regularly evaluated
  • Demonstrate successful results and efficiency in practice
  • Adaptable by other organizations

CHEO was acknowledged for having the following six outstanding practices:

  • Patient Safety and Leadership Rounds – a proactive patient safety forum which solicits staff concerns and solutions.
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Checklist – a verification process for high risk activities at the critical care bedside.
  • Use of Total Clinical Outcomes Management in Inpatient Mental Health – a framework to guide both clinical decision-making and outcome evaluation where the needs and strengths of patients and families are centrally important.
  • Youthnet/Réseau Ado – a mental health promotion and intervention program run by youth for youth.
  • Using LEAN in the Emergency Department – highlights innovation introduced by using LEAN methodologies for Quality Improvement in the Emergency Department to reduce wait times.
  • Transfusion Medicine Competencies Training – online Transfusion Medicine Training module for staff and physicians.

If you would like to learn more, please check out Accreditation Canada’s website.