Report to the Community

Last year was the busiest year in CHEO’s history. We saw more children and youth in Emergency than ever before, conducted more surgeries, admitted more patients to hospital, and helped a record number in our clinics.

We couldn’t be more proud of how staff and physicians responded to the challenge. Passion, persistence and innovation are truly the foundation of this hospital.

As we look to the future, the community will continue to depend on CHEO as a cornerstone of our region’s health care system. While the health system is rightly focused on supporting the needs of an aging population, the actual number of children and youth in our region will also grow. There will be another 80,000 children and teens in Ottawa/Gatineau 25 years from now, and another 800,000 in Ontario. That means we will need to continue to innovate and adapt to meet this growing need.

Our hospital board and senior managers are committed to making sure pediatric health centers like CHEO flourish in a changing policy and funding environment. This is particularly important in the context of Ontario health reform and recent budget announcements.

Many of the proposed changes could bring good news for hospitals. As the province invests more in primary care providers, specialty clinics and community resources, it will relieve some of the pressure on our Emergency department and other clinical programs.

However, there is also an opportunity to think more creatively about Canada’s aging population. Healthier, stronger children mean healthier, stronger adults. And that means a stronger foundation for Canada in every sense - economy, culture, health…you name it. Preparing for tomorrow’s seniors means investing in today’s kids.

CHEO’s priority will be to advocate for system changes that help children, youth and families. While the catalyst for health reform in Ontario may be the tough economy, we are optimistic that through innovative thinking we can create a health system that enables more patient-centered care – where families get the type of services they need, in the way they need it; and where they are more engaged in their own care through a regular and informed two-way dialogue with their care providers.

We envision CHEO right at the heart of a changing health care system After all, CHEO has a track record of finding new and better ways to treat and care for its patients. Discoveries happen everyday at CHEO. And through those discoveries, CHEO’s dedicated staff can help change the entire trajectory of young people’s lives.

On behalf of CHEO patients and staff, we offer a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to you, our community. It was your support that made the dream of a children’s hospital in Ottawa a reality, that made it strong and that will see it evolve into the future.

Alex Munter, President and CEO, CHEO

Johanne Levesque,  Chair, CHEO Board of Trustees